5G Technology, where does the future take us ?

Many of us see what is possible with the proposed new 5G telecommunications, faster and faster speeds, more options to improve or intrude on our daily lives. What is 5G?

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What will 5G wireless technology look like

Even as the wireless industry works through its deployment of higher-speed 4G wireless networks, Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg has his eye on the next “G.” Vestberg has shared his vision of 5G, a network that will not only be significantly faster, but much smarter. It’s that network intelligence that will better manage the burgeoning trend […]

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Germany, the Green Superpower

BERLIN — A week at the American Academy in Berlin leaves me with two contradictory feelings: one is that Germany today deserves a Nobel Peace Prize, and the other is that Germany tomorrow will have to overcome its deeply ingrained post-World War II pacifism and become a more serious, activist global power. And I say […]

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