Right-Hand Rule And How It Relates To Telecom

Telecom’s Humble Beginnings Microwave’s Humble Start The AN/UPN-1 was a radar Pathfinder radio beacon used by the United States Army Air Forces and Airborne forces during World War II. The Radar beacon AN/UPN-1&2, also known as “BUPS” (Beacon, Ultra Portable, S-band), was an ultra-portable radio beacon for ground, paratroop or shipboard use having a range […]

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F.C.C. Will Continue Plan to Subsidize Broadband for the Poor

The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday voted 3 to 2 along party lines to approve a proposal to explore subsidizing broadband Internet for poor Americans. The plan, introduced last month by the agency’s Democratic chairman, Tom Wheeler, helps pave the way for sweeping changes to a $1.7 billion phone subsidy program. Republicans have opposed extending the phone […]

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The World’s Coming Broadband Divide

Several events last week pointed out how much business success, economic development and even international competition is starting to depend on once unimaginably fast Internet speeds. On Tuesday, Charter Communications announced that it would spend, in two separate deals, a combined $67.1 billion to buy Bright House Networks and Time Warner Cable. A big reason […]

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