All About Cloud Computing

Businesses rely on solid computer technologies and networking capabilities. The way the world does business is being dictated by changes in technology and communications. One of the most talked about technologies on the horizon is that of Cloud Computing. This is an exciting breakthrough that consists of a pool of shared technological resources. It allows an on-demand […]

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Fleets of incredibly large wind turbines could produce a third of all UK power by 2030

The UK has the biggest offshore wind industry in the world, by far. But if predictions from some wind farm builders come true, it will become even more enormous—both in its capacity to produce power and by sheer size of the machines involved—over the next 15 years. The country has built 3.7 gigawatts of offshore […]

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As Telecom Carriers Roll Out WiFi Calling, Partners Discuss Potential Implications

by Gina Narcisi on November 19, 2015, 2:52 pm EST Business customers are moving away from the tried-and-true desk phone in favor of the more mobile options they use in their consumer lives. And these business users still expect to make and receive calls quickly, without any downtime. As trends in the consumer space creep […]

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