Google’s Balloon Internet is Coming to Kenya in 2019

It may be hard to imagine a modern day without the internet, but billions of people around the world still lack connectivity. Sure, the internet has its dregs, trolls and garbage content strewn across the web, but it also offers access to more information than all the world’s libraries. In order to bring the internet […]

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Blasting tiny craters in glass, creating material to miniaturize telecommunication devices: An ultrafast laser-blasted glass doped with rare earth erbium ions to produce a material used in integrated optical circuits

Modern communication systems often employ optical fibers to carry signals across or between devices. The integrated optics in these devices combine more than one function into a single circuit. However, signal transmission requires long optical fibers, which makes it difficult to miniaturize the device. Instead of long optical fibers, scientists have started testing planar waveguides. […]

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