The second week of May 2013, Plan A2Z will include several new features for those in the audience managing projects and schedules for telecom builds, (EV) electrical vehicle charging, and renewable energy projects.

A “Common sense Calendar”

You can apply many filters to the calendar including: by user, contact, resource, and appointment type to keep track of multiple calendars at once. And take your existing contacts table and add it to Plan A2Z: so that items in the calendar are just a couple clicks away from their related records in your file.

Features Include:

  • Day, Week, and Month, Views
  • Create new events from any view.
  • Searchable, straightforward list views.
  • Fast, with improved speed over Wide Area Networks.
  • Complete European Date Support including week numbers beside all dates and optionally start weeks on Monday.
  • All calendar layouts resize with the window size.
  • Built-in and online documentation.
  • Includes instructions for pasting the calendar into your own file.
  • Maintain multiple calendars: filter the calendar by title, type and resource while easily adding your own filters.
  • Color code events by type.
  • Multi-day and repeating events.
  • Flag conflicting events.
  • Link appointments to contacts and/or projects (swap out our placeholder tables for yours).
  • Drag & Drop events within the calendar.
  • Shift-drag to edit event duration, Option-drag to duplicate events.
  • Show your resources (Doctors, rooms, trucks) as columns in the scheduling view.
  • Resource scheduling: view a day’s events in a grid with resources across the top and hours down the side; “scroll” columns left and right to view additional resources.
  • Supports multiple resources per event.
  • Schedule all day and timed events. Time scale can be set per user in 5, 10, 15, 20, and 30 minute increments. Some views support hour and day increments as well.
  • To-Do List
  • Show more than one “Source” in the calendar at the same time: sources can be other FileMaker Pro tables, other date fields in the same table.
  • Jump right to an event’s record (or to a related contact’s record) in your layouts.
  • Works with Zulu to publish your calendars to iCal, Google Calendar, iPhone, and iPad.

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