About CerCis Consulting

CerCis is a privately held consulting company specializing in client specific project management and process solutions. Our principle focus is within the telecommunications, renewable energy, and electric vehicle charging industries.

CerCis delivers competent professional solutions from a belief that systems don’t change, people create and implement change. We make that change possible with our Plan A2Z Software™.

As companies experience the challenge of more aggressive time lines and multiple projects running concurrently the need for information coordination and production efficiency becomes critical. CerCis Consulting offers all-inclusive solutions base on professional, timely project planning, execution and completion with our Plan A2Z Software, while meeting the budget requirements of the specific client.

CerCis’s fundamental components of consulting are:

  • Responding to a client’s request for information in a timely manner
  • Providing comprehensive solutions to specific problems
  • Giving an in-depth review of existing conditions, provides the client with an accurate analysis of their existing process and tools
  • Recommending corrective actions in a clear scalable way forward
  • Implementing changes in a timely fashion and within the client’s budget
  • Building consensus and commitment within the project’s personnel
  • Insure our client’s understanding of ways to maximize their software, communications, and processes

CerCis Consulting, dedicates itself to providing comprehensive solutions to its clients. Our operating philosophy is based on professionalism, timely project planning, execution, completion, and meeting budgetary needs.

Our Services

Complementing our unique Project Management Software Plan A2Z, CerCis Consulting offers a full range of consulting services to help you make informed decisions regarding your business. Through our process of Progressive Implementation™  we can help you increase productivity with your existing tools, and processes.

We offer:

  • Project Management services, specializing in
  • Telecommunications
  • Renewable Energy
  • EV Charging Stations
  • Green Industries
  • Implementation, training and support

Get to know us and our dedication to your needs – our goal is to understand your business in a capacity that exceeds your expectations and satisfies your business needs and comfort level. Additionally, our principles and philosophy include an intimate understanding of your company – an awareness of your strengths, needs, and objectives.

Our knowledge and use of existing enterprise based software, and off the shelf packages appropriate to your specific project, allows us to quickly focus on immediate solutions.

Project management becomes more than just a means to an end, but a means in itself, and when united with our well designed software, nothing is impossible. We can create absolute accountability and coordination on each stage of your project. CerCis Consulting, provides the insight and guidance to implement the process, while providing the management personnel and tools to effectively manage your project’s success.