We are pleased to announce that we have added two new fully integrated features to Plan A2Z software, Calendar and Chat;  Keeping you more in touch with your team, clients and schedules.


Resource scheduling in a calendar that is designed to be modified. Filter the calendar by resource or appointment “type” to maintain multiple calendars at once. Paste the calendar into your own file and show your records in the calendar.

Drag & drop, resource scheduling, repeating events, and filters.

Create new events from any view.

Day, Week, and Month, Views.

Fast, with improved speed over Wide Area Networks.

Complete European Date Support including week numbers beside all dates and optionally start weeks on Monday.

Built-in and online documentation.

Maintain multiple calendars: filter the calendar by title, type and resource while easily adding your own filters.

Color code events by type.

Multi-day and repeating events.

Flag conflicting events.

Link appointments to contacts and/or projects (swap out our placeholder tables for yours).

Drag & Drop events within the calendar.

Shift-drag to edit event duration, Option-drag to duplicate events.

Show your resources (Vendors, Staff, Clients) as columns in the scheduling view.

Resource scheduling: view a day’s events in a grid with resources across the top and hours down the side; “scroll” columns left and right to view additional resources.

Supports multiple resources per event.

Schedule all day and timed events. Time scale can be set per user in 5, 10, 15, 20, and 30 minute increments. Some views support hour and day increments as well.

To-Do List

Show more than one source  in the calendar at the same time: sources can be other  Plan A2Z  tables, or other date fields in the same table.

Jump right to an event’s record (or to a related contact’s record).

Able to publish your calendars to iCal, Google Calendar, iPhone, and iPad.


Private, Searchable Chat for Plan A2Z Networks

Chat lets you collaborate with your other Plan A2Z users right in Plan A2Z, sending attachments, images, and links to the records you’re talking about.

Notifications can also come from events in Plan A2Z: script triggers or server-side scripts can send chats to alert users of important events in the system–like a project’s status changing.

Searchable and Secure – Your chats are now a database

Because Chat is completely built in Plan A2Z, you can search it like you’d search any data record. Search for phrases, dates, attachments, etc.

And you can secure it the same way: Chat respects Plan A2Z’s access privileges, so you can easily control the privacy of your chats.

Chat also lets you enjoy the collaboration and productivity of chat without your users hanging out in public chat networks which may be insecure or distracting.

Links and Attachments

Easily share links, files, or images with Chat, even send links to individual records or found sets in Plan A2Z.  All attachments are stored so you can find them even if you don’t remember the conversation they were associated with. Chat is no longer a black hole: it’s a database.

Notifications, Messages and Alerts:

By default, Chat comes to the front when you’re in Plan A2Z to let you know if you have new chats or responses.

Each User can control how they’re notified, electing to receive email or SMS notifications when Chat sees they’re not in Plan A2Z.

You can even teach Chat to recognize short keywords and run scripts in your solution. For example you can configure Chat so that it turns anything following “Search Ring#” into a link jumping to that search ring in Plan A2Z. You can configure these “data detectors” right in Chat’s preferences.