Working on large infrastructure projects in telecommunications, renewable energy, or electric vehicle charging stations, we as managers look at hundreds, possibly thousands of simultaneously running jobs or projects, multiples of geographic areas, and untold number of vendors, and you have to ask, “where is all the money going, and how is it being spent?”

Cost tracking is an extremely important part of any business. Job costing means tracking the expenses for a job and then comparing those expenses to the job’s revenue. This tells you, which jobs, are making money and which are not.

With Plan A2Z software job cost tracking tools you can easily see exactly how much money you spent—and made—on each of your jobs. Plus, you’ll be able to see problems before they occur, allowing you to take corrective action.

Cost tracking with Plan A2Z can also help you estimate more accurately. Estimating may be the most important—and most difficult—part of running a business. But unless you compare your estimated costs to your actual costs during the project and after the work is complete, you have no way to know if you are estimating too high or low, and no way of improving your ability to estimate and manage projects in the future.

Plan A2Z software now takes a closer look at that problem, and offers a simple easy to understand solution.  Tracking job costs from the bidding process to the final closeout and acceptance phase, and all the PO’s in-between.

Forecasting possible or expected changes to your financial bottom line allows managers to maneuver in a proactive manner, keeping all parties abreast of current, and future job cost issues.

Some might not want a solution to this, where the practice of double billing, of not being able to account for what has been paid against which project and on and on can and does happen; but the word is out, there’s a new way to keep ahead of the financial curve, and even see what’s lying in your path around the next bend.

This exciting new feature is just one of many, being built into Plan A2Z Software.

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Thanks from all of us working on Plan A2Z.