Plan A2Z adds to the user dashboard a quick snapshot showing the status of your project with one click of the mouse.  Whether you are looking at your project(s) on a national scale and want to know how your ‘Pacific’ region is doing, or you are working one discipline in one market, know where you are at with quick visual bar and pie charts.  Sort by region, market, site, discipline, parent tasks and milestones.  Get instant real time information.  Good or bad you will now know, just don’t blame the messenger.

If you are a regional manager, see instantly which markets are ahead, on time, or behind schedule, and know who to call.

Drill down to what ever level of detail you need and print out easily understood reports.

With Plan A2Z you no longer have to weave together multiple spreadsheet, and hope the information is timely and correct.  Plan A2Z works, so you can work more effectively.

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