Plan A2Z Software has been partnered with Citrix® since the very beginning, offering our customers multiple options for deployment, and now Citrix® CloudBridge provides a unified platform that accelerates applications across public and private networks to provide superior application performance and end user experience.CloudBridge offers a broad base of features including protocol acceleration, market-leading VDI acceleration for Citrix® XenDesktop, secure and optimized tunnel between data centers and clouds and sophisticated quality of service (QoS). CloudBridge combines these key technologies with extensive bandwidth and application usage reporting for application optimization. Citrix CloudBridge optimizes the user experience while giving IT fine-grained control over public and private network resources.

Citrix is announcing availability of CloudBridge Release 7.0. With CloudBridge Release 7.0, which is now available for download, the value of the integration of NetScaler Branch Repeater and CloudBridge becomes a reality. With CloudBridge 7.0, enterprises have the ability to scale services simply, efficiently, and securely across the branch, data center, and cloud.