Plan A2Z Software

About Plan A2Z Software™

Software Designed and Built Based on 25 Years of Project Management Experience of Large Infrastructure Projects

CerCis’s Plan A2Z Software™ turns data into insight, which in turn allows you to facilitate and create an environment that people will be successful in. Plan A2Z is an integrated database solution for your business. Our software was designed specifically for the developer building infrastructure projects with large geographic footprints like telecommunications, renewable energy, and electric vehicle charging stations.

This means immediate cloud based deployment, or via traditional In-house desktop combined with mobile solutions for immediate results.  Solutions for web, iPad or any smart device you are using.

Plan A2Z Software has many more practical applications that can be used due to its unique hierarchical user interface, search ring and project phasing capability; this combined with powerful backend database repository functionality.

Whether you are the turn key developer, a tiered contractor, or a professional consultant involved in projects on a National, Regional, or Market level, for one or multiple clients, or even in multiple technologies, our software provides project teams the necessary tools to effectively work together to map out tasks and track both the big picture and fine details of any given element of a project, allowing you to have your finger on the pulse of real time information about your current projects, with information that has been uploaded into the application directly from your field organization or sub contractors. If you are a service provider or a development contractor, regardless of what you are building, Plan A2Z Software is for you.

Compatible with multiple operating systems, our cross-platform software offers an affordable, intuitive and easy to implement solution to manage these time intensive, complicated projects.

Whether you are using Windows, Mac or Linux or a blend of those operating systems; combined with multiple mobile devices such as the iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and many others is no problem. Working in the office, from home, or collecting data in the field, it all makes sense. Bring your team(s) together with Plan A2Z Software™.
Using our method of progressive implementation™ we can quickly implement the use of this software into your daily business practices allowing you to hit the ground running.


Key Features

Plan A2Z Software™ includes these key features and many more:

  • Multi-platform functionality.  Use on Windows or Mac, or a combination of OS environments.
  • Customizable site type templates to help project managers define tasks for new projects without missing crucial steps.
  • Overall project and task management including multiple disciplines and Gantt chart tracking.
  • Integrated mapping system to visually locate, identify and track project status within selected geographic or project boundaries.
  • Contact management to track staff, vendors, and client information.
  • Document control allows teams to effectively track all documents and drawings to stay current in both document review and approval and revision control. Multiple document libraries allow you to track and share documents for your employees by project, IC’s, clients, vendors, and jurisdictions.
  • Knowing that Plan A2Z Software is tested and partnered with Citrix (Citrix Approved Partnering Software) you don’t need to build customizable applications that will allow you to view, edit and search your records on your iPad or iPhone, or Blackberry; You Already Can. Whether you’re checking on project data on site, managing issues, or updating project status while traveling, you can do it all while you’re on the go.
  • Remote backup solution whereby data is backed up both on site and off, securely and easily retrievable at any time.
  • Fully integrated Chat and Calendar, keeping you on time, and your team in touch.
  • Data Analytics using breakthrough Tableau technology which allows for immediate answers to your questions, suited to middle and upper management information requirements.
  • Data integration capability for clients who are using or working with IT systems like Oracle, SAP, and Siterra.
  • Plan A2Z is a Certified Citrix partner, and a member of the Apple / Filemaker Business Alliance.

Benefits – Problems Addressed and Issues Solved:

  • Helps business solutions to meet security requirements and to qualify for acceptance in businesses, government agencies, business and professional associations, and educational institutions of all sizes.
  • Helps business owners and managers meet audit log requirements for various regulatory mandates including Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and Gramm-Leach-Bliley, as well as European Union Privacy (Basel II) and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).
  • Helps business owners maintain the integrity and availability of their critical business data.
  • Empowers IS/IT managers and DBA’s to manage the reconciliations of backups and roll-backs from any inadvertent data deletions.
  • Solutions that meet security requirements without the need for extensive scripting or a large number of shadow tables or fields that add to system overhead.

Scalable Software Combined With Worldwide Usability

Manage multiple projects, clients and vendors, with any number of sites and site candidates. A software tool that is relevant, and allows the user to get ahead and stay on top of their projects. Management software that is designed specifically for the developer of large turn key infrastructure projects.

  • International Manage all of your projects and clients at multiple global locations
  • National Manage your projects on a national scale
  • Regional Manage on a regional scale
  • Markets Manage on a market scale
  • Sites Manage on a site by site scale
  • Candidates Manage all possible candidates

Keeping on track with Multiple clients, multiple vendors, multiple contracts, pay points, milestones. Stay up to date with documents and revisions.