Plan A2Z Software Demo Videos

Plan A2Z Software Promo Video

This is a brief 2 minute promotional video. It’s fun to watch if you already haven’t done so.

PlanA2Z provides cradle-to-grave life-cycle management for large development projects such as telecommunication, renewable energy and electric vehicle charging stations; supporting complete process management, workflow management, and document management for site management and site development projects, and is used by field-staff as well as back-office staff.


In The Field Functionality

The Plan A2Z app allows you to add, verify and update information and images in the field and actively sync them back into your desktop Plan A2Z.

Analytics Tool

See how our additional analytics tool can give you the visual overview of operations you need to stay on top of trends and spot red flags across your sites.


Basic Functionality With Jurisdictions

Plan A2Z is currently tracking over 11.000 jurisdictions.  This allows the user quick access to the jurisdictions that they will be interacting with and many pertinent documents associated with their workload.


Calendar, fully integrated with your workflow

See PlanA2Z software’s integrated calendar features. Events, Resources, Horizon, Tasks and Optional Email Invites.


Quick Accurate Real Time Status Reports

With one click know in real time what your project status is. This allows immediate focus on where your attention needs to go. These reports can look at an entire national status or based on region and market.
Know in an instant what milestones are being achieved and which are slipping.


Staff Search Ring Assignment

This is a brief demonstration of how work is assigned to staff members.


Assigning Candidates to Search Rings

Easy to accurately assign candidate to search rings.  Easily assign, track and manage all of your sites while keeping your entire team focused.


Site Type Template Tool


This video gives a brief overview of the site type template tool. The software ships with multiple templates which can easily be modified by the user to fit their requirements.
Parent tasks, with associated tasks and milestones are set, and the disciplines associated with each task are set. Durations, dependencies are clearly noted as are the individuals assigned to each task.
These templates are assigned to each candidate, allowing the users to quickly deploy schedules to each project.
The user is not limited to these templates and can build their own down to whatever level of detail they may require.
Plan A2Z Software is designed for developers of large infrastructure projects in telecommunications, renewable energy and electric vehicle charging stations.


Reporting Features

Plan A2Z Software allows you to arrange and display your data in an unlimited number of ways by creating specialized layouts.  A layout is a collection of fields, graphics, text, and other layout objects arranged in a way that provides the results you desire.  Plan A2Z can have many different layouts, which display data in a variety of ways. The user can design separate layouts for entering data, reporting summaries, printing mailing labels, displaying data graphically in charts, working with a solution in a web browser or on an iOS device, and so on.  You can change a reports layout’s design without affecting the data or other layouts for the file.  When you change the data in a field, the changes are reflected in the same field on all the layouts in Plan A2Z .


Purchase Order Tracking Demonstration

Easily and effectively track project costs. Know what dollars have been allocated, whats been spent, what got done, and who spent it.


Gantt Chart Functionality that’s Super Easy

Gantt Chart functionality that’s super easy. Automatically set your baseline forecast, start adding your actual dates and it’s that easy to know where you are at.