Pioneers Festival 2015, Plan A2Z Software is in the final selection process

Plan A2Z Software is honored to be in consideration by the Pioneers Festival; This is Europe’s major conference for tomorrow’s ideas, bringing together the smartest startups with corporates, media and investors eager to support the next big thing. Hofburg Imperial Palace Heldenplatz 1, 1010 Vienna, Austria “Electric atmosphere.” “… the focus is very much on the future.” […]

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A move to Plan A2Z Software is the logical CPT conclusion

“CPT  (Cross Platform Tools) vendors put increasingly more emphasis on targeting enterprises.” The sceptical side to me wonders if this is because enterprises are more forgiving of the poorer app UIs and poorer app performance of many of these tools.  Nevertheless… “30% report they have realized 50%+ time savings thanks to their Cross-Platform Tools.” What […]

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