The Plan A2Z Software Promotional Video has been selected as one of the ten finalist by Citrix in the Citrix ready spotlight video contest.  

Everything that we produce we do through the integration of creativity and purpose.  Foremost we at CerCis believe that the tools that people use must exist to serve the people who are working with the tool.  There must be no awkward interface or second guessing by our clients; people don’t want to ponder over assembly instructions, wrestle over […]

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Get The Word Out – Plan A2Z Software-Needed Now More Than Ever

Our Plan A2Z Software provides a complete solution for developers, builders, designers, of large infrastructure projects in Telecommunications, Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, and yes the future rollout of Hydrogen stations. Manage the five main disciplines (Leasing, Zoning, Construction, Compliance, Engineering) simultaneously; while managing multiple projects and clients on a national, regional, market […]

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Calendar and Chat, Two Exciting New Features for Plan A2Z

We are pleased to announce that we have added two new fully integrated features to Plan A2Z software, Calendar and Chat;  Keeping you more in touch with your team, clients and schedules. Calendar:  Resource scheduling in a calendar that is designed to be modified. Filter the calendar by resource or appointment “type” to maintain multiple […]

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