eMTC and NB-IoT

Two narrowband LTE technologies aimed at filling the 5G gap for IoT. We’re at the dawn of 5G, a unified network envisioned to connect virtually everything around us. And to get there sooner, we’re accelerating 5G NR (New Radio) — the global 5G standard — to usher in next-generation mobile broadband experiences for smartphones starting in 2019. The first 5G NR release delivers […]

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New way of making cell calls promises better service?

Your cellphone may soon be making calls in a whole new way, one that promises faster connections, clearer audio and better service – at least eventually. The new way of making calls is called VoLTE, or Voice over LTE. It involves sending calls over the carriers’ new high-speed data networks, rather than through a dedicated […]

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Taking a shot at Inventing the future

In 1982 a then little-known writer and director, Steven Lisberger, captured public attention with a groundbreaking movie called Tron. The premise of the film was a warning that computers would eventually take over our lives and that the best way to counter this eventuality would be through inside knowledge, by understanding the computers so well […]

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