The Plan A2Z Software Promotional Video has been selected as one of the ten finalist by Citrix in the Citrix ready spotlight video contest.  

Everything that we produce we do through the integration of creativity and purpose.  Foremost we at CerCis believe that the tools that people use must exist to serve the people who are working with the tool.  There must be no awkward interface or second guessing by our clients; people don’t want to ponder over assembly instructions, wrestle over […]

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A move to Plan A2Z Software is the logical CPT conclusion

“CPT  (Cross Platform Tools) vendors put increasingly more emphasis on targeting enterprises.” The sceptical side to me wonders if this is because enterprises are more forgiving of the poorer app UIs and poorer app performance of many of these tools.  Nevertheless… “30% report they have realized 50%+ time savings thanks to their Cross-Platform Tools.” What […]

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New has always been our normal

  Plan A2Z Software has been partnered with Citrix® since the very beginning, offering our customers multiple options for deployment, and now Citrix® CloudBridge provides a unified platform that accelerates applications across public and private networks to provide superior application performance and end user experience.CloudBridge offers a broad base of features including protocol acceleration, market-leading VDI […]

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