A move to Plan A2Z Software is the logical CPT conclusion

“CPT  (Cross Platform Tools) vendors put increasingly more emphasis on targeting enterprises.” The sceptical side to me wonders if this is because enterprises are more forgiving of the poorer app UIs and poorer app performance of many of these tools.  Nevertheless… “30% report they have realized 50%+ time savings thanks to their Cross-Platform Tools.” What […]

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Plan A2Z Software makes your job much easier

What we do, is give you the tools to make your work life not so much like work. Manage it all that much smarter with Plan A2Z Software and get back to making your business grow.

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Plan A2Z Software A “Common sense Calendar”

The second week of May 2013, Plan A2Z will include several new features for those in the audience managing projects and schedules for telecom builds, (EV) electrical vehicle charging, and renewable energy projects. A “Common sense Calendar” You can apply many filters to the calendar including: by user, contact, resource, and appointment type to keep […]

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