I have been watching the development of Plan A2Z Software for several years.  I have determined that it is a solid software tool for companies managing development of telecommunications and renewable energy projects and more.

Plan A2Z provides a total approach for managing projects from discipline and resource management to document and cost control.

This software allows a developer to manage individual construction sites to complete projects on a national, regional, market level down to the individual construction site(s).  It gives on site managers the information they need to report to their regional management. It provides national management up to date accurate project reports in all geographic areas that they are investing in.

American Energy has been in business for 29 years.  We have experienced many different management tools used by developers to manage their projects.  The majority of which have been multiple Excel spreadsheets, which often requires long meeting just to determine the most current and correct data.

From my review of the product, Plan A2Z Software will provide the users a much more accurate tool to manage their projects, improve their accountability and reporting requirements to their clients and as a consequence see their business practices and profits increase.

This is a tool that can be grown with the company, and deployed in a progressive manner that best suits the company’s budget requirements.  This is a tool that has been long awaited, and is urgently needed.

David J. Frame
Vice President (AEI)