Plan A2Z Software is tracking over 200,000 actual cell sites and well over 9,000 actual jurisdictions, without a hiccup.  In testing our software we like to give it a challenge so that we can see what it can do.

Do you need to find and work with sites quickly? Plan A2Z does that.  Quickly set your search criteria and that’s it, up it pops in Google Earth, and we’ve cracked another few more nuts on this one too. Google Earth is a great tool for displaying information, but we can feed back information from Google Earth to Plan A2Z, so you’re not just looking your working.

We are tracking well over 9,000 jurisdictions, know where you are working and what that township wants.  Keep, use, and track all relevant documentation.  Know how to find the office, and who you will be meeting with when you get there.  And oh yea, another nice feature, access their website within Plan A2Z.  Monitor your permit status or on line submittal all within Plan A2Z; no more opening multiple windows and jumping into and out of your tracker, because with Plan A2Z it’s all in one tool.

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